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Our modern and state-of-the-art facility combined with a team of experienced personnel means consistently producing high-quality parts that meet today's demanding delivery schedules at competitive prices.

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CNC machining and assembly of complicated, close tolerance components is our specialty. We work with many materials include aluminum, titanium, steel alloys and stainless steels (annealed and high heat treat), high temp nickel alloys, plastics and copper. We are able to handle parts 80+ inches long and weights up to 2500#.

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We supply components and assemblies to a variety of industries including aerospace, military, transportation, robotic and communications. Our most widely recognized customers are Boeing, Raytheon and ITT Cannon. Our work is found in submarines, the International Space Station and many places in between. 

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Whether it's simple or complex, prototype or production, give Alpha Precision Machining an opportunity to meet your needs.

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